Thursday, September 2, 2010

Steves' contribution to the Assignment "The world taking off"

Well, The assignment was a tough one, "the world taking off". I viewed it as moving forward, growing, expanding fields, including technology. So as I sat here in my office I looked up on the shelf of my collection of old shortwave radios (or World radios). Thinking about how far we have come from the days of tube radios to today. So I placed an example of today's communications device to yesterdays. An old Shortwave radio from the 50's, weighs 30 pounds, not portable, power consuming, not always reaching who you want and not reliable. Then there is today's portable Smart phone, calls anyone in the world, is a camera, a radio, a phone, an Internet connection, calculator, movie viewer, and so much more. I then remember the old man that started me in this field almost 40 years ago. He gave me the parts and help to build my first transistor radio on a piece of wood. Then I thought about how much in shock he would be to see where the world has come today since he died almost 25 years ago. Could you imagine the look on his face to see a Blackberry phone or flat screen TV ? So here is my contribution to this weeks phrase "a world taking off".

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